Consent is how open-ended combat is played on Pokemon Frontier MUCK. Basically, players can fire off actions, leaving room for the other player to respond however they want. And example of bad consent RP is:

Hitmonchan punches Magmar in the face.

This pose gives Magmar no choice about what happens to their character. This could be better handled like this:

Hitmonchan swings at Magmar's face.

Magmar now has room to dodge, take the hit on another part of the body, or take the hit as planned. Forcing your RP partners to react in a certain way is called God-Moding, and it's frowned upon when you're in-character. The reverse, dodging or nullifying everything sent your way, is called twinking, and it's also frowned upon.

In a similar theme, Metagaming is when your character acts on things that they wouldn't know, but you, the player do. One of the most important examples is identifying a member of Team Rocket without clues in-scene. Possibly equally important would be acting on knowledge of a love triangle your character wouldn't know about. Or a gym leader's secret weakness. Now these sorts of things are acceptable if your character knows about them, but if only you, the player does, don't do it.

Note that consent applies to non-combat situations just as much as combat. You can't hug characters against their will, or any other action that the player should be allowed to react to.

A very useful rule to remember is ICA=ICC. In-Character Actions Equal In-Character Consequences. Despite consent rules protecting you from blatant cheating if everyone's being a good sport, you will run into situations where things can happen that it just wouldn't make sense for you to get out of scot-free. Trying to solo against a Rocket base just isn't going to work, even if you are a member of the Elite Four. Jumping in the way of a Charizard's flamethrower to protect your Oddish is going to leave you with serious burns. Or maybe not, if the scene is running off cartoon physics.

Also worth noting is that it is possible for entire scenes to violate consent. If you're going to raid a Rocket base, you better have Out Of Character permission first, from the players in charge of the location.

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