One of the things you can look forward to on Pokemon Frontier MUCK are staff-run event plots. Maybe it's a tournament at one of the gyms, a Pokemon contest, a bug-catching contest, a swarm of wild Pokemon, or even the appearance of a Legendary for a mysterious reason. These will be big scenes or events where you can hang out with other players, show off your Pokemon, and earn points.

Events come in four major ranks:

1. Plot events. Plots, Tinyplots, or TPs, as they're called are large enough to affect everyone on the MUCK. You'll be given a couple weeks' notice to schedule them on your calendar, and you'll know ahead of time the basis of what's going to happen. If it's a tournament with special rules, they'll be explained. Large amounts of Rocket activity and the appearances of Legendary Pokemon also fit into this category. Some of these events can run for multiple days or weeks.

2. Single-day events. While still open to everyone, and with notification ahead of time about what will be happening, these events tend to be smaller, and usually less dramatic.

3. Small group events. Sometimes just a few trainers or Rockets are needed for a mission. One staff person will lead a group through a short campaign. These events may be along the lines of exploration of ruins, dealing with local Pokemon problems, or investigating Rocket activity, and more. Usually on a first come, first serve basis.

4. Surprise events. A date and time will be given, and nothing else. It's a surprise!

Any of these events, no matter how small, or unimportant seeming at the time, may connect to a larger, over-arching plot. Logs of these events will be posted up on the website, so you can try to piece together what's happening.

We always welcome player ideas for plots, and if we use one you've given us, you will be credited in the event announcement. And you're always welcome to run events of your own.

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