Battle Points (BP) are the currency of Pokemon Frontier MUCK. BP can be used to purchase four things: special attacks, evolution, personal rooms, and new Pokemon puppets. BP can be obtained through staff-run events, character creation, helping out around the MUCK, and simply for being active RPers.


Pokemon players spend points at character generation for the species of Pokemon being applied for. No species that costs more than four points can be applied for. Read the newsfiles on points to determine how many points must be spent on a species.


Pokemon normally know eight attacks, which are earned through level up. Pick eight, any eight. These attacks can be replaced with attacks learned by TM, move tutor, or breeding for the cost of one point. Breed moves can only be acquired when the character or puppet is created. TMs and Move Tutor moves can be applied at any time. While you don't have to RP the acquisition of the move, you may want to.


Making Pokemon stronger is one of the points of being a trainer. For the difference in Tier cost, you can evolve your Pokemon into a new and usually stronger form. Don't worry. Evolution items don't cost extra. Most evolutions cost only one point, but a few cost more.

Personal Rooms

Sometimes the premade rooms on the MUCK just don't cut it. For the price of two points, you can build your own home, dojo, visitor's center, Rocket hideout, burrow, racetrack, obstacle course, or anything else you can imagine. Just pick an area on the main grid, write a description, and it will be built for you.

New Puppets

More information on Puppets can be found in News Puppets.

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