Sometimes you just want to skip all the humanity, and play a Pokemon character directly. Like human characters, Pokemon start out with four points for a basic application, and can pick up a fifth by writing an extended application. Pokemon players can spend points on new attacks, personal rooms, and evolutions. Pokemon can't use other Pokemon in battle, so they don't need to spend points on NPCs, who they can know naturally.

Pokemon characters can be captured by human players, which comes with its own very important set of consent rules. Pokemon players cannot be captured or evolved without consent. Pokemon players have to pay for their own evolutions. While a Pokemon player is absent, their human trainer can use them in battle, but cannot write any social interactions with other characters for the Pokemon.

Pokemon do not have human vocal cords, so they cannot talk in human speech. But they can still make themselves understood by humans. It's up to the players to decide exactly how much.

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