What's a Pokemon Trainer or Breeder or Rocket Agent without Pokemon? Not much.

Puppets are the NPC Pokemon trainers carry around Pokemon Frontier MUCK, used for battles, kept as pets, partners in exploration, friends, and weapons.

Pokemon are acquired easily. When you have enough Battle Points, simply page #mail the staff to purchase the Pokemon you want. From that point on, you can use the Puppet however you want. Come up with a personality for it, or RP the capture and have someone else do it for you. Want some variety? You can always pick out your Pokemon through a randomizer or roll a die. You also don't have to count it as a Pokemon when you get it. It could be an egg or a fossil, waiting to be hatched or revived.

When your character is created, you get four points to spend on Pokemon and other purchaseable effects, five if you fill out the extra sections of the application.

Pokemon can also be acquired as prizes in contests and tournaments.

Just try to be reasonable. Spread out your purchases so you have time to develop your Pokemon.

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