This section is for minor rules or exceptions that aren't important enough to merit their own newsfiles, but still need to be mentioned. More will be added as they become necessary.

1. Ditto can't transform into Pokemon it's encountered in the past, just Pokemon in the current scene. It can enter a scene as another Pokemon, but we request that you restrict it to Pokemon it's actually likely to run into.

2. Smeargle can start with any four attacks, and four copies of the Sketch attack, which can be used to copy attacks in-scene at any time. If you want Smeargle to learn attacks beyond these eight, you have to spend a point to replace one of its attacks with Sketch.

3. Do not apply for characters from Dragon Ball Z.

4. Because there is no in-character money, just Battle Points, characters can have any items in-character that you want. Just try to keep it reasonable.

5. Pokedex entries have an exaggerated opinion of how strong Pokemon can be. If even half the entries were true, there wouldn't be a planet left. Try to dial down your Pokemon's strength to that of an equivalent animal or machine.

6. Human beings generally aren't strong enough to go toe to toe with Pokemon. Imagine going up against a flamethrower to get an accurate depiction, and adjust your roleplay accordingly.

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