Not everyone can be a hero. In fact, sometimes it can be even more fun to be a villain. In the shadows of the Kanto region, the criminal organization known as Team Rocket lurks. Their goals are unclear, their methods unpredictable, their ruthlessness uncontested. This is not Team Rocket as represented by Jessie and James. In fact, Jessie and James aren't even present in News Feature Characters.

Part of Team Rocket's effectiveness is the fact that they don't wear their uniforms in public. Rockets who do wind up answering to other Rockets in ways that can't be mentioned here.

Rockets don't just come in the form of Agents who try to steal Pokemon from trainers. Some specialize in the capture of wild Pokemon, others in gambling, running Rocket bases, police counter-intelligence, Pokemon smuggling, or just about any other form of crime.

Because Rockets are player run villains, a few special consent rules apply, beyond the ones in News Consent. Rockets can't steal from other players without express permission from the player in question. Because Rockets don't wear their uniforms in public, the average character will not be able to identify them, even if the player does know the character is a Rocket. Acting on this is metagaming, and it is covered in News Consent. Major counter-Rocket actions need to be cleared with whoever is in charge of Rockets at the time, as well as the wizstaff.

Rockets do not get giant mecha, guns, or any other major pieces of technology that other players wouldn't have. They are allowed knives to defend themselves, and occasionally attack. No sane criminal would just stand around and let themselves be arrested just because their Pokemon were defeated.

Rockets do, however, get occasional exclusive plots, and all the fun that comes with being the bad guy.

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