Pokemon Frontier MUCK is a pretty easy-going place. But there are some basic manners that should be followed. While important rules for roleplaye are covered in News Consent, there are some basic manners that should make everything friendlier.

1. Try to keep cursing to a minimum. Some people find it unpleasant, and it's pretty uninventive. If your character really must swear, see if you can invent a Pokemon-related curse. Gyarados' frothing whiskers! Still, some obscenities can make sense in context, and it shouldn't be a problem unless it's taken too far. Expect warnings for this, if it's consistent.

2. In a similar vein, try to keep things relatively family-friendly. We ask that you try to keep scenes at no higher than a PG-13 rating, and even then, there's not much need to take it that far. Stories can be quite mature in content without the gruesome details. Again, there will be warnings depending on the nature of the offense. Breaking this rule hard enough can result in a ban.

3. There is no TS (or TinySex). Called cybering in some quarters, it doesn't happen on Pokemon Frontier MUCK. Sexual situations can be handled by fading to black, and if you really insist on playing them out, we request that you do so through other communications, such as instant messengers. This is your warning. Ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse.

4. Don't harass other players. If they aren't comfortable with a scene, don't try to force them into it. If they aren't friends with your friends, leave them alone. If there's a problem player on the MUCK, leave it to the wizstaff to handle.

5. Watch what you say and do around underage players. This is a Pokemon-themed game, and should be fun for all ages.

6. Don't test the wizstaff for loopholes to any of the above rules. It's annoying, rude, and in most cases, so common sense that you really ought to know better.

We reserve the right to add new rules as necessary.

Violations of these rules, and News Consent will be dealt with by the wizstaff. Contact us at moc.liamg|kcumreitnorfnomekop#moc.liamg|kcumreitnorfnomekop. It helps if you include a log of the incident with your report, along with personal impressions. We aren't omniscient, but we do want to help.

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