This world is filled with creatures called Pokemon, which have incredible powers and miraculous abilities. Some people keep Pokemon as pets. Others raise them for battle. And others study them to see how it all works.

But there are many more ways to work with Pokemon than just these. Some people breed them to show their beauty in shows. There are trainers who raise their Pokemon for the sole purpose of rescuing people and Pokemon from dangers in the wild, or studying the many mysterious ruins that dot the landscape. Pokemon are used in building and digging and cleaning and as sources of medicine or food, or any other aspect of human life imaginable. There are Pokemon trained in music and art, Pokemon who act in circuses, and Pokemon kept in zoos. Pokemon are found everywhere, in fields, forests, caves, the depths of the ocean, pet stores, and some are even revived from fossils, or brought down from outer space.

Some people use Pokemon to commit crimes. While some towns have their muggers and pickpockets, Kanto has recently been plagued by rumors of a criminal group. Most people don't know of Team Rocket, and even among the police news of their activities are met with disbelief and denial. But what rumors are there point towards something even bigger than organized crime on its way.

Because Pokemon are powerful, and respond so well to training, a lot of technology hasn't been developed in the Pokemon world. Weaponry hasn't gone much beyond knives, because anyone willing to put the time and effort into it can train their own Charizard flamethrower. Cars and trucks and most vehicles are normally reserved for industrial shipping. On the other hand, energy applications are remarkably advanced. Following the blueprints found in Pokemon, the ability to store almost anything as energy in a small stasis container, from trainer items, to furniture to Pokemon is in common practice, and quite cheap. Short range teleporter pads are available for a price. And there have even been Pokemon built entirely out of computer data.

Where humans have their technology, Pokemon haven't changed their lifestyles all that much in the millions of years they've lived on the planet. While many Pokemon will seek out trainers to make them stronger, there are many that remain untamed. These Pokemon raise families, seek out rivals to make themselves stronger, protect each other, hunt, and graze. Some have elaborate rituals that govern phases of their lives. Many of them are bound to the land in ways that maintain the natural order of the world, moving weather patterns and seasons around, adjusting the tides and currents, and warning of impending disasters.

Some Pokemon, from any species, work together to protect other Pokemon, forming groups called Rescue Teams. These Pokemon seek out problems to solve, collect treasure, and are frequently familiar with the deepest and most hidden corners of the world, and some of its most curious mysteries. The rescue teams are often at their most active when legendary Pokemon are on the move.

So, what are you? Pokemon or trainer? Hero, villain, or innocent bystander? Whatever you choose, your very own Pokemon journey is about to begin!

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